Episode 4 – Hack Jr’s Perspective of Walt Disney World

The Disney Hack – Tricks and Tips for your Disney Trips! (An Unofficial Disney Podcast)

Questions to ask your kids before or after your trips to Disney to understand what’s important to them…


My list of questions on this episode include:

  • How important is going to Walt Disney World for you?
    • Going back?
  • How important are the rides?
    • What can’t you wait to ride again?
    • What will you never ride again?
    • What are you bummed that you didn’t get to ride?
  • How important are the character meets or character meals?
    • Signatures
    • What are some tips parents can use to help kids be still during mealtime?
  • How important was it to be in a show?
    • Being in a show?
    • How are the shows? (Parades, Fireworks, Stage show, etc…)
    • Being able to see the fireworks…?
  • How important is the place you stay?
    • The pool?
    • Other things to do?
  • How important was it to shop for your own souvenir?
    • Spending your own money?
    • Getting pictures taken?
  • How important was playtime in the parks?
    • Boneyard vs Tom Sawyer’s Island?
    • Favorite Memory?



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