Have you ever considered sponsoring a podcast?

I’m not asking for much. Frankly, I’d settle for just about anything. There’s no harm in asking, right?

If you feel my audience could benefit from knowing you are out there, let’s talk. I’m rather reasonable, and am just looking for a way to pay for my next trip to Disney.

Although I am just getting started, I am averaging 277 downloads/episode – after just 4 months! (More than 500 downloads/episode if you consider just the last 5 weeks)

As of today, $25/episode will get you mentioned on the show, plus social media shares.

As of August 24, 2017

Consider it!

Thank you if you are one of my loyal subscribers. On the 16th of August I surpassed all the downloads from JUNE! AND on August 24th I passed up my JULY downloads!