Episode 22 – Front, Back, Left, Right or Middle?

The Disney Hack – Tricks and Tips for your Walt Disney World Trips! (An Unofficial Disney Podcast)

This week: Where to sit on EVERY WDW Attraction, with Rich Stork from the One Little Spark podcast!


Where’s the best seat? Where do you sit? On Episode 22, my good friend Rich and I have an in depth conversation about where, AND WHY, we sit where we do when we ride rides and watch shows and the Most Magical Place on Earth!

You may remember Rich from Episode 6 where he shared his impressions de Wishes (and Happily Ever After, too), and Episode Episode 10 when he shared his personal experience at Pandora’s AP Preview. He’s a member of the Hack Pack and he’s always got something good to share.

Well, today we are talking about where the best seat would be on every attraction, ride and show. As it turns out, there’s sometime more than one best seat, depending on your size or preference. We took a little time to talk about some of our favorites.

It’s possible that you may disagree with us on a few of our favorites, and we’re totally open to hearing your thoughts. Please connect with us on your favorite social media channel to talk about it…We’d love to know what you think is best!

I really hope you enjoy our conversation!


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