Episode 17 – Hacking Disneyland With Young Kids with Go Mouse Scouts founders Megan and Kris Sheppard

The Disney Hack – Tricks and Tips for your DisneylandTrips! (An Unofficial Disney Podcast)

This week: Hacking Disneyland With Go Mouse Scouts founders and authors of the 2017 Guide to Visiting Disneyland With Young Kids (and still having a great time!), Megan and Kris Sheppard.

I first met Kris Sheppard on Facebook after I became a regular podcaster in the Disney podcasting community. Of course, I knew who they were long before they ever knew about me. I had been listening to the Go Mouse Scouts Podcast for quite some time and today I am honored to consider these two my friends.

This discussion is one of the reasons I started The Disney Hack. The ability to connect with and learn from Super Fans about how they manage to maximize the MAGIC and FUN while saving the most TIME and MONEY while on a Disney parks trip with kids. Kris and Megan are MASTERS at this as they have been going to Disneyland for years and often talk about their trips often on their show.

I have learned a lot from them and I asked them to share their best hacks when planning a trip to the happiest place on earth. They even shared some of their best tips from their new book: 2017 Guide to Visiting Disneyland With Young Kids (and still having a great time!)

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